I recommend the IMA trainer training course for those

  • Who want to have new experiences and a new profession
  • Who would like to acquire new professional knowlege and affiliations
  • Who are driven by curiosity and ambition
  • Who wish to discover the word of Intimacy
  • Who are excpecting the get a genuine knowledge
  • Who have empathy and  like to take care of others
  • Who dare to dream bigger both professionally and financially

Advantages of being an IMA specialist

  • Genuinely new professional area where you can step forward existentially
  • You can enter the world of intimacy!
  • You will represent a new trend in the Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA).
  • You can have classes anywhere and anytime. There is no need for equipments.
  • With this knowledge you can accost any age-group and any special target audience as well!
  • Your IMA knowledge is the bridge connects the sport with health care.
  • You can become one of the professional elite where you will have the trust of your clients and you can help the physician’s work
  • You can have multiple incomes!

It is a unique training system, because

  • It gives you a complex and comprehensive knowledge.
  • Within this compound training system you will surely find a course that fits you best.
  • It involves adequate knowledge of preventive medicine and provides therapical solutions.
  • You can obtian new medical aspects and by those your clients can achieve a better life quality of life.
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